Sonia Leung



Shortlisted, Top 10 Submissions of 150 Seconds of Ontario Contest

Canada didn't always feel like home. My upbringing was rooted in what felt like two irreconcilably different cultures. The two halves of me did not feel like a cohesive whole. Growing up was recognizing that I didn't need to choose one or the other. Multiple cultures can coexist in me; I am a museum.



Screened at FRESH Symposium 2017, McMaster University

A life can be described as traversing through a series of rooms. We leave one room to end up in another, always encapsulated by walls of some sort, physical or otherwise. This piece explores the experience of being trapped despite having the freedom to roam.



Screened at M24 2017, McMaster University

Submission for McMaster's annual M24 competition, wherein contestants have 24 hours to create a short film. This piece illustrates the frustrations of a curious man who lives in a future where the emotive faculties of humanity have been phased out by evolution.