Sonia Leung


Imagine Canada Staff Values Animation

August 2018

At Imagine Canada, spot awards are given to staff members who display company values. Anyone can be nominated for this award when they embody candour, collaboration, creativity, integrity, levity, or are otherwise remarkable. I created a set of animations for the spot awards which are sent to each recipient when they receive an award.


What is Solipsism?

March 2018

There are many schools of thought but solipsism, while far-fetched, is one of the more intriguing concepts. Solipsism is the theory that the only reality we can be sure of is the reality that we perceive. In other words, the only reliable truth is your own self. 

This animation serves as an entry point into the philosophical concepts of truth and objectivity.


How to Honk

October 2017

Commissioned by Honk Mobile, this is an brief overview of the app. Music had not been selected at this stage in the project.



2016 to 2017

These two motion graphics played an important role in TEDxMcMasterU's communication strategy. Amongst a majority of static promotional content used in McMaster student associations, the campaign was eye-catching and directed attention to TEDx events.